Why Does My Dog Flea Bite Me?

Why Does My Dog Flea Bite Me

Dogs are not immune to health issues. They require daily meals and proper care to stay fit and healthy. Your fido will make life more exciting when it is healthy. Things may get a bit irritating when your four-legged friend is experiencing some health issue. It may appear somewhat upset and it may flea bite you!

You may think “why does my dog flea bite me” or what’s wrong with the pooch? Boredom, affection, irritation, or curiosity can make the pet flea bite you!

Things are not always as simple as pet owners believe. This post will provide a deeper explanation of flea biting so that you can improve your pet’s behavior!

Flea Bite

What does flea biting mean?

If your pooch nibbles its skin with teeth, it is called flea biting. Experts use different terms to describe this behavior.

If the dog is trying to soothe flea itch, it will gently scratch its skin. This action is described as flea biting and it is quite normal among dogs.

When your pet is using its front teeth to nibble the skin, it is called nibbling. The pet uses this action to scratch the targeted area on its skin. If your dog is not using the full force of its jaws to bite, it is described as baby biting. Dogs do it when they are playing or chewing toys.

Some pet parents are not familiar with flea biting. They get scared and believe the dog is not behaving properly. You should never scold the pooch if it flea bites you. Try to understand the cause of this problem to control this behavior as soon as possible.

Why your dog is flea-biting you?

The dog is flea-biting because it has fleas. These parasites can make your pet’s life quite tough. They cause itching, skin problems, and severe health issues in dogs. Dogs often scratch their body or flea bite to cope with the constant itching caused by fleas. They can also flea-bite their owners because they get so confused.

You should immediately check your pet’s fur if it flea bites you. Try to find out parasites hiding in your pooch’s fur. Remove them and give your pet a soothing bath. It will feel relieved and it won’t bite you again.

If there are no fleas, the dog can nibble to show it is getting bored or hungry. You should take the pet to the vet and let the expert diagnose the problem. Your dog’s biting habit can also indicate a serious health concern!

How does flea biting affect your pet’s health?

Most dogs flea bite their owners when they have fleas hiding in their fur. If it’s not the case, your pooch is feeling bored or trying to show some affection. Dogs also flea bite their owners to groom and it does not happen quite often.

If the pet is feeling bored and it bites you, do something to entertain your dog. Get new toys, take them out on a walk, and play with the pooch. Long walks always help pets relieve some stress and they behave normally at home.

Most pet parents believe flea biting is a normal issue. It is normal if the dog nibbles once or twice a week. You need to resolve this situation as soon as possible if the dog flea bites you daily.

Follow the below-given tips to prevent your dog from flea-biting you!

Comb the fur

Get a wide-tooth comb and use it to comb your furry friend’s fur every day. Try a brush if your dog does not like the comb. Apply some force while combing your pooch’s fur. Rasp your dog’s skin while combing to catch some fleas and remove them. Skin grooming is also a great solution to protect the pet against fleas.

Keep the dog’s paws clean

Dogs roam various places and they often catch dirt in their paws. Pets are not good at keeping their paws clean. Therefore, pet parents should use wipes to clean all four paws of the pet. Get the dirt out and then allow your pet to roam inside the house. It will keep germs out of your house and your pet’s skin!

Take the dog out for a walk

It should be your top priority to entertain the pooch. Take it out for a walk at least once every day. Let your pet run and play some games in the garden. That exercise will eliminate the boredom and your dog will feel pretty great. Regular walks lift the dog’s mood and keep it fit. A calm and healthy dog will never flea bite you!

Keep your pet engaged

A variety of dog toys are available in the market that you can use to keep your pooch engaged. Dogs get bored pretty quickly. Therefore, you have to find ways of keeping your pet engaged. Let it play in the backyard, spend more time with the pooch, or hire someone to take the pet for a walk. This solution will certainly work to reduce biting incidents!

Examine your pet

How often do you examine the dog? Do it at least three times a day if you really care about the dog’s health. Look for injuries and parasites. Take the pet to the vet if there are injuries or when the dog behaves weirdly when you are examining its limbs. The dog will behave normally if it is healthy. So, do not ignore the pet for weeks. Keep it clean and healthy.

Get chew toys for your pooch

Young pups can’t resist chewing. They chew everything they can find. Therefore, pet trainers recommend chewing toys for dogs. Buy some delicious bones and chew toys online. These toys will keep your pet calm and the dog won’t flea bite you or kids.

Is flea biting dangerous for you?

You can notice some sores on the skin when your dog flea bites you. These sores are itchy and painful. Not every pet owner is a fan of a flea biting and some even scold the pets for this behavior.

Rashes appear slightly after flea bite on the skin. Some people also develop hives when the dog nibbles. Your dermatologist will recommend applying the ointment instead of itching. Itching can cause further damage to your skin and tiny sores can become big wounds.

Final thoughts

Flea biting is irritating and most pet parents experience skin infections due to this issue. You should try to find out the cause of flea biting and then try the solutions explained in this post. The pooch will never hurt you again if it is clean and calm.

Keep fleas away from your pet and don’t let it get boring. It will rarely flea bite you and you would love to keep the dog around.

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