Our Founder, Autumn Jolley:

Autumn grew up always loving animals and having a passion for them. She especially loved the underdogs (Black, Old, or “bully breed.”) At 14, she began volunteering at the Kootenai Humane Society. When she went to school at Brigham Young University-Idaho to become a vet tech, she met her husband. They married on April 9, 2011 in Logan, Utah. In September, they adopted their dog Sage. This adoption began connections into the rescue world in South Eastern Idaho.

In November, Autumn made a Facebook page to showcase the dogs at risk of euthanasia in the state of Idaho, to bring awareness to those who were set to lose their life for simply being born. In December, she began working to find no-kill rescues to take these dogs, and began arranging transport to those rescues. In January, she rescued a litter of bottle babies from Blackfoot Animal Shelter. Her and her husband hand raised them and bottle fed them, thus leading to the adoption of dog number 2, who they named Kovu.

The rescue then transformed. In April 2012, they moved to North Idaho and the rescue became it’s own program with it’s own network of foster homes. It has continued to grown and is constantly changing and growing. Autumn also has a 2 year old daughter who is learning to love animals and respect them as all children should learn. With the support of her husband, she spends about 60 hours a week of her donated time to make sure these lives are saved. Autumn and her family own 3 dogs (Sage, Kovu, and Ryker), 1 cat (Spot) and 2 guinea pigs (Smudge and Sprout.) Her future goals include moving to a place with land, but continuing to build her foster network so that all of the animals can continue to live in a home with a family until they find their furever home. Autumn takes great pride in knowing her animals well, connecting with her fosters and adopters, and being as transparent as possible.