How to protect furniture from pets

If you have a cat or dog living in your home, furniture can be a major pet target. And it’s not just fabric furniture that can be affected, but chairs, kitchens, and fitted wardrobes.

To cut or not to cut

Firstly, clipping the claws can cause at least a psychological trauma to your pet. After all, claws are a part of the body, which means that you have to perform a small, but very painful operation. Besides, sharpening claws is a reflex established by nature. And any action against nature, as a rule, turns against us.

Secondly, the removal of claws – a temporary measure. After some time they will grow back, and you’ll have to repeat the unpleasant operation. Are you ready for this?

Thirdly, clipping claws does not solve the tooth issue, no matter how you look at it. You’re not going to saw them as well.

Clawfoot – a friend of furniture

There are far more suitable means to protect furniture from attacks by domestic “predators” – scratching post and teeth sharpening bones. Most cats and dogs love sharpening their nails and teeth with special devices.

One of them is a scratching post (or nail box). It imitates the surface on which pussies usually sharpen their claws. It can be put or, better yet, hung up in the place where the pet is usually pranking. For greater effect you can sprinkle some valerian on the sharpener – the cat will be crazy about the new toy.

If you have a little doggy, be sure to buy him a special bone for sharpening teeth and more toys – let him train on them, not on the bed legs.

Treatment of wooden furniture

A very effective way is to treat wooden surfaces with special solutions. If a dog or cat chews or scratches, for example, the legs of the bed, it is worth buying a special product in the form of a spray or ordinary liquid in a bottle, the smell of which will repel the animal. You can usually buy it at a pet store.

Recommendation: look carefully that the solution does not contain poisonous substances that may pose a threat to pets. That is, the remedy should be specialized – bought in a pet store or cooked yourself, but according to traditional tried-and-true recipes. In addition, pre-test the substance. For example, treat a hidden area of wooden furniture. This will make sure that for the wooden object of the interior is also no threat – there are no stains or streaks.

Open parts of tables and lower sections of fronts can be treated with a solution of snuff or pepper. The fact is that animals are extremely immune to this kind of smell, it scares them away. Therefore, pets will avoid all those racks with doors and chairs with stools.

Disciplining of your pet

Try to spend a little more time with your pet “pest”. Maybe your pet is just spoiled and it’s time to explain to him who’s boss. To give him something to spend his energy on, you can buy special mazes and scratching posts for domestic cats.

Have regular, educational conversations with your pet. This is especially true for dogs, you can even raise your voice and make it more commanding. On cats this method does not work so much, but the valerian, with which you smear the purchased scratching post, will work on them. Believe me, that it will become the favorite thing of the cat.

Puppies that are teething, veterinarians recommend buying special toys for sharpening teeth. You can find these at a pet store or a pet store.

Of course, if you have more exotic specimens like pigs, rabbits, monkeys, snakes or similar animals living at home, you will have to take care of their education and living on your own.

In general, any dog, if he lives in an apartment, perceives it first of all as a closed space. In such a place, you can’t really get around. The animal begins to get bored, at some point your pet will be finally convinced that he has absolutely nothing to do, and now he is chewing on the furniture at his own pleasure. The truth is, in this case, there is quite natural advice on how to avoid this. Just take your pet for walks more often and for a longer time. Then the dog won’t have the strength or the desire to chew anything. But this is ideal.

As for cats and kittens, who are so fond of sharpening their claws on a soft sofa, there is another way. Try to buy a special scratching post and accustom your cat to sharpening his claws there. Believe me, it’s not hard. As a result the furniture is safe and the pet is happy. And in general, pay more attention to your pets, play with them and become a true friend. And then you can be sure that your pet will never mess up your furniture, because real friends never mess up.

Autumn Jolley
Autumn Jolley
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