Dog Carrier
The dog carrier was one of the other essentials the breeder told us we needed for our puppy. The carrier will be needed to comfortably transport the dog
buying-the-ears-and-the-tail-the-reasons-for-itHEALTH AND BEAUTY
Buying the Ears and the Tail – The Reasons FOR It
Let me say right away: all of the following is my point of view, supported by a wealth of experience and observations. Why do dogs get their ears and tails cut?
tugging-with-a-dog-rules-mistakes-and-mythsEDUCATION AND TRAINING
Tugging With a Dog – Rules, Mistakes and Myths
The game of tugging can be a great way to release energy for your dog. Unfortunately, many people misunderstand this game and therefore do not allow their
Puppy Essentials Shopping
Having a dog in the house is like having a baby, you have to prepare for it in advance! There is a list of essentials that you will have to spend money
How to Keep My Dog from Chewing Things? 10 Rules
How do you keep a dog from chewing things? I’m sure every dog-owner has faced this problem at least once. Every puppy goes through this phase when