Dehydration in PetsHEALTH AND BEAUTY
Dehydration in Pets: Causes, Symptoms, How to Avoid Dehydration
High temperatures become a real challenge for some people and pets alike. Lack of water leads to dehydration – dehydration. Dehydration in pets is
Why Does My Dog Flea Bite MeHEALTH AND BEAUTY
Why Does My Dog Flea Bite Me?
Dogs are not immune to health issues. They require daily meals and proper care to stay fit and healthy. Your fido will make life more exciting when it is healthy.
buying-the-ears-and-the-tail-the-reasons-for-itHEALTH AND BEAUTY
Buying the Ears and the Tail – The Reasons FOR It
Let me say right away: all of the following is my point of view, supported by a wealth of experience and observations. Why do dogs get their ears and tails cut?
Food Mite Allergy in dogsHEALTH AND BEAUTY
Food Mite Allergy: What Food is Mite-Free and How to Store It?
Food mites in the food Many cats and dogs are allergic to food mites. Read here how you can prevent contamination of the food by simple tricks and make
Can Allergy Sufferers Keep Dogs?
What dog lovers should know First the medical: There is no such thing as dog hair allergy. Because it is not the dog hair itself, but certain allergens
obesity in dogsHEALTH AND BEAUTY
Is My Dog too Fat?
Ideal Weight Experts estimate that almost every second dog we meet is too fat. This is already changing our viewing habits: Most pet owners don’
Food Allergies and Intolerances in DogsHEALTH AND BEAUTY
Food Allergies and Intolerances in Dogs
Does my dog have a food allergy or not? Whether your dog has actually developed an allergy to its food is not easily answered for several reasons: The
What to do if my dog doesn’t want to eat?
My dog won’t eat, now what? Why is it that some dogs leave their food out? And why does it sometimes seem that your dog eats with “
How do you choose the right dog food?HEALTH AND BEAUTY
How do you choose the right small dog food?
Your dog needs a complete, balanced diet every day, with a careful balance of vitamins and minerals, natural ingredients and no fragrances, colors or flavors.